Rainbow Sherbert Yarn 2

Rainbow Sherbet, Anyone?

I think I might be hooked on dyeing yarn! I'm working on knitting a pair of socks with the yarn I dyed last time and I couldn't wait to dye again.  So today, I dyed a skein a la rainbow sherbet.  In other words, light pink, light orange and light green. I had a lot of… Continue reading Rainbow Sherbet, Anyone?


A Bright, Sunny, Yarn Dyeing Day

I put to good use the things I learned in my first try at yarn dyeing and took another stab at it today.  Going in, I was aiming for a three color skein, pastel pink, pastel purple and pastel turquoise. To make sure I was at least in the ball park of getting the right colors, as I… Continue reading A Bright, Sunny, Yarn Dyeing Day

hand embroidery

#27: Try Hand Embroidery

A couple weeks ago, I woke up feeling a little meh, like I haven't done enough or become enough so far in my life.  I found myself browsing online, searching very melodramatically for 'how do you find a hobby' and 'how do you find your passion in life'.  It seemed a little silly, but the number of… Continue reading #27: Try Hand Embroidery