Rainbow Sherbert Yarn 2

Rainbow Sherbet, Anyone?

I think I might be hooked on dyeing yarn!

I’m working on knitting a pair of socks with the yarn I dyed last time and I couldn’t wait to dye again.  So today, I dyed a skein a la rainbow sherbet.  In other words, light pink, light orange and light green.

I had a lot of trouble creating the orange I was going for, so I punted and used yellow instead with the idea to overlap it with both the pink and the green.  That way, I’d hopefully get a nice peachy orange color when it mixed with the pink and a different tone of green when it mixed with the green.  I also am kind of obsessed with the purple I created last week, so I ran a little purple dye down the side and over the pink area. And then a few pink speckles to finish it off.  I absolutely love the effect.IMG_9074.JPG

One thing I wanted to work on was having fewer bare spots in this skein.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the way my last skein turned out and it works, but I just wanted to try something different this time.  So as I was adding my color, I would occasionally stick the nozzle of my squeeze bottle into the yarn to hopefully distribute it in the layers underneath.  I was slightly heavier-handed on the amount of dye solution as well.  I am still amazed at how little dye you actually need to create  these colors.  It’s also hysterical to me how in my first attempt, how concentrated my dyes were.

It was a breeze to rinse and it was another sunny, warm day to aid with drying.

Rainbow Sherbert Yarn


My first impression while it was drying is that, to me, the colors maybe looks a little bit muddled. I like it but I liked it more in the pot.  I think one point is that It’s way more yellow than I though it would be. It’s all for the sake of experimentation, so either way, it’s all good-  It’ll make fine socks!

But as luck would have it, it ended up SO pretty when it was skeined up.  And I’ve been working on my skein twisting and I think I’ve made some progress!

Rainbow Sherbet Yarn

Rainbow Sherbert Yarn 2

I think my next attempt will be more cloudy with grey, light purple and light blue.  Though I foresee adding some pink in as well, I don’t think I’ll be able to help myself.  I’d also like to do an entire skein of just the pink, yellow and purple to see what happens!



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